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Welcome to R & M Towing LLC, This site was designed to help the community with parking problems as well as crime free enforcement.  Parking Problems are a big issue now a days and we know how stressful it is when people don’t follow the regulations and that’s were we come in. We will handle all your problems formally and professionally.  All of our employees are trained and certified as well as kind and courteous.  R & M Towing your problems solved in one call.

Specializing in PPI Towing:

Apartment Buildings * Store Fronts * Restaurants * Vacant Buildings * Contract w/Security Companies

Rely on our company for the best towing service in the Phoenix Metro Area

YOUR Parking Problems…..

At R & M Towing we understand that providing adequate parking can be a difficult task. Vehicle owners who disregard the rules can only add to your current parking problems. Improperly parked and or abandoned vehicles can create an inconvenience to you and your residents.

All of the following parking problems can be avoided with one call.

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Handicap Parking
  • Fire lane / Red zone offenders
  • Vehicles parked illegally in assigned or covered parking
  • Vehicles double parked
  • Blocked dumpsters
  • Permit Parking

Your Towing Solution

OUR Parking Solutions…..

Have us handle your private property towing and get the following at NO CHARGE!

  • Parking permits
  • Parking signs for the entire property including handicapped parking, Tenant Parking Only and Future Resident parking customized to your needs
  • Painting of red zones and fire lanes
  • Referral of security companies
  • E-mail digital photos of towed vehicles

The Parking Inspection Report

thumb_image004Parking Permit The Parking Inspection Report is a popular Parking Maintenance program used by many communities in Maricopa County. Once per month the property is inspected by one of our Private Parking Specialists. A report is given to the property manager then authorizes, according to the properties parking guidelines, the vehicles that need to be towed. The vehicles that are towed with the “Parking Inspection Report” invariable includes vehicles with expired tags, flat tires, inoperable, abandoned, and other vehicles specified by the property management. No vehicle is towed without direct permission from the Property management.

All Vehicles before being impounded are phoned into the police department to register the vehicle as impounded and to verify that the vehicle is not stolen.

This Report maintains the property according to the property management and city guidelines.