R&M Towing, LLC

R&M Towing, LLC is a towing company in Central Phoenix, Arizona, devoted to professional towing, PPI & property management services.  Video is recorded in all trucks, employees are background checked & TIMS Certified, we’re knowledgeable of all the newest techniques to tow every type of vehicle & we give back to our community more than most would believe.

Local Towing

  • Roadside Tow
  • Police Tow
  • Repair Facility Tow
  • Sales Facility Tow

PPI Towing

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Store Fronts
  • Restaurants
  • Vacant Buildings

Problems We Fix

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Handicap Parking
  • Fire lane / Red zone offenders
  • Assigned space offenders
  • Vehicles double parked
  • Blocked dumpsters
  • Permit Parking

Community Solutions

  • Parking permits
  • Parking signs
  • Painting of red zones & fire lanes
  • Pressure washing of
    • Breezeways
    • Dumpster Pads
    • Sidewalks

Monthly Inspection Report

Maintenance program used by many communities in Maricopa County already to have their property routinely inspected each month with a detailed report provided.  Effortlessly find & address issues in a timely manner for violations such as improperly parked vehicles, flat tires, inoperable, abandoned, and more.

R&M Towing is a proud member of APTRA - Visit the site to learn more.

Vehicles are reported to local PD, verified as not stolen & registered as impounded

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